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02 March 2013 @ 12:14 am
My Alright Sky - Chapter Eight  
Title: My Alright Sky
Author: Me, of course.
Pairing: Ogawa Naoki (Sato Shori) x Matsuoka Yui (Mitsuwa Kirami)
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship, Slice of Life, Romance
Summary: -First Arc- It has been less than a year since the death of Naoki's mother and twin brother, yet his father soon remarried another woman who already has a daughter his age. On the other hand, Matsuoka Yui was finally happy that her mother finally found love and happiness after the cruel treatment of her very own biological father. Naoki, who is unable to accept his new mother and sister, soon becomes cold and harsh towards his family. Yet Yui, knowing that he is having a difficult time, still hopes for him to gradually accept his new family and to develop a close friendship with her new step-brother.

- M a t s u o k a Y u i.

Somehow, ever since that day, Naoki seems to have soften up for some unknown reason. He's beginning to soften up a bit but he still attained that harsh, bad attitude of his which I still can't stand 'til this day. But he's my step-brother so I better get used to it. Also, he had made speedy recovery as well as gaining his appetite again instead of living on vitamins. I wasn't that oblivious, I knew what was going on with him. He never ate breakfast, every now and then he would forget lunch, and he would never eat dinner. This was to avoid his father and my mom and since then he's been relying on vitamins to get by. But at least he's eating properly now, that way I wouldn't have to worry about him fainting in class or something.

Once he returned to school, he immediately resumed his soccer training as always. I didn't want to have any more conflicts with his "fangirls" so I would just stay up in homeroom until practice is finished or I would head home first. Sometimes, he would just tell me to wait for him, which was highly unusual but I got over it. My mom and my step-dad still didn't return from Hokkaido. Apparently, they called and say that they were having a great time with grandma there that they planned on staying there until next Saturday, which was going to be the day after tomorrow.

"Uwaa, Naoki-san is really cool ne, Yui?" Rin said as she looked out the window. I stood up and looked down at my step-brother who was making goals one by one.

"Yea, he's okay."

"What do you mean he's 'ok'? Your brother's the ACE of the team! He's so cool and handsome!"

"It sounds almost as if you have a crush on Naoki."

"E-Eh? No!" she lied, but I could tell that she does, "Anyways, I have to go run some errands for my mom! See 'ya Yui!" That was the last thing she said to me before grabbing her stuff and running out the door. I let out a quiet sigh as I began thinking. At this rate, I'm gonna have to start playing cupid or something and try to set Rin and Naoki together. Oh god, that is going to take awhile. I looked back at the window and started to watch the practice game. Turns out that the team is heading off the championship soon. Good luck to them.

Somehow, Naoki seemed to notice me as he gave me a small smile and a small wave (which seemed unnoticeable to everyone else) before continuing on with his game. I have a small wave in reply but I continued on with my indifferent expression as I continued watching the game. After who knows how long, the game ended and soon Naoki came back up to homeroom.

"Ne, Yui. Let's go home," he said.

"Ok," I replied as I grabbed my bookbag and walked out of the classroom. However, we stopped in the hallways as Naoki said that he forgotten something back in homeroom or whatever. In reply, I nodded and said that I would wait for him here. But as soon as he was out of my sight, I felt someone shove me into the closet nearby as they locked the door fom the outside.

"Oi! Let me out!"

"Not a chance," a familiar voice said. I didn't remember that name but it was one of Naoki's "fangirls." The one that practically hated me since day one. Soon laughter could be heard from outside, I felt annoyed and irritated but at the same time, I felt as if I was going to panic.

"Let me out!"

"No way! This is too entertaining! And to think Ogawa-kun's the one who set this all up!" she continued to laugh with her friends. I became irritated more as I started banging on the door.

"Let me out!" but soon, I heard the sound of footsteps going farther and farther away from the door. I started to panic, this was just like that time. I became scared and was on the verge of freaking out. I continued banging on the door, hoping for anyone to hear me but as a result, a bucket full of water that was on the high shelf fell and soon I was covered in cold water from head to toe. I soon started to back up and soon enough I hit the back wall of the closet. I leaned against the wall and slowly slid to the floor as I started to cry. I was scared. It was just like that time. Someone, anyone, please help me. And to think that damn Naoki set all of this up too.

- O g a w a N a o k i.

"There it is," I muttered to myself as I finally found my science textbook, which was left in the science lab. I checked my watch, whoa .. it took me twenty minutes to find it. Man, I'm stupid. As I walked out of the lab, I found Mai waiting for me right outside. Takeuchi Mai was her name, she was my age and was my classmate since Kindergarten. I wasn't oblivious; I know that she has a crush on me but she's not my type and I'm not interested in a fangirl like her.

"Hey Naoki-kun~" she said.

"Oh hey Mai."

"Ne, do you want to walk home together?" she asked cheerfully.

"No, I was planning to walk home with Yui."

"Oh really? I just saw Matsuoka-san leave a few minutes ago,"

"She did?"

"Yea, you were taking too long so she went home first. She said that she was going to Kawashima-san's house,"

"Oh, I see." I felt a bit sad for some reason.

"Yea, so I'm sure you'll be walking home with me then~" she said as she grabbed my hand and practically dragged me out of the school building. I was honestly so happy that the walk home was actually short - that way, I won't have to spend more time with Mai. As I came into my house, I was somewhat surprised to see that my father and step-mother were home early. Shouldn't they be in Hokkaido now? They said that they were coming home on Saturday.

"Oh welcome home Naoki!" my step-mother said.

"Hi ... "

"Where's Yui? She hasn't come home yet-"

"She's at her friend's house. She'll be home later," I said before walking up to my room. However, hours have passed and Yui still hasn't come home which made me worried for her for some reason. As I checked the clock, I saw that it was already ten. Why is she still out this late? I unplugged my cellphone from the charger as I started dialing Kawashima's phone number. I remained anxious as I waited for her to pick up.


"Hey Kawashima, it's me, Ogawa."

"O-Oh! Hi Ogawa-san!"

"Yea, is Yui there? It's late right now so I'm still wondering why she's still out-"

"Yui-chan isn't here."

"She isn't? But Mai told me that she left for your house,"

"She's not here. She hasn't came to my house at all-" I mentally slapped myself as I just realized it. I hung up as I ran out of the the room and down the stairs. Apparently, I have caught the attention of my parents. They asked me what was going on as I ran out of the house. That damn Mai, I am seriously stupid. I should have known something was up - Mai was capable of doing these things. Soon enough, I was back at the school. Even though the doors were locked, I knew where the spare key was hidden and was able to walk inside.

I slowly walked around the dark building, it kinda reminded of that time I had with my twin brother. But I'll talk about that for another time, right now I need to find out where Mai locked up Yui. I heard some soft sobbing as I turned around and spotted the closet in which I just barely walked past.

"Yui?" I said as I walked over. I quickly spotted the key which was laid on top of the door rail and quickly unlocked it. I found Yui sitting on the the ground, hugging her knees. She was scared and was sobbing. She was also completely soaked from head to toe and was shivering. Honestly, I wasn't surprised. Mai was capable to doing things like this. But I was still angry, it reminded me of the incident that involved Naoto. Some of his friends played a prank on him and locked him in the closet, this exact same closet. He was traumatized after that.

I slowly knelt down besides him as I rested my hand on her shoulder.

"Yui-" she then suddenly slapped my hand away as she slowly backed away. I looked at her; she seemed almost scared to death and somewhat angry as well. She said something so quietly that I couldn't make out what she said. I tried to get closer to her but she kept backing away from me, scared as if I was going to hurt her or something.

"Yui, it's okay. I'm not going hurt you ... " Naoto, it's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

"You don't have to be scared anymore." Naoto, it's okay. You don't have to be scared anymore.

"I'm going to take you home now. You're going to be safe." Nii-chan's going to take you home now, you're safe.

But she remained silent. I slowly took one of her hands and helped her stand up, she only looked down. I took off the jacket I was wearing and was able to let her wear it until she shoved it away from her.

"I don't need it," she said quietly as she started walking home. I slowly followed, wondering what the heck Mai did to her to make her like this. As soon as she walked into the house, her mother rushed over to her - hugging her and asking what happened. My own father was also worried about her. I felt annoyed but I kept my focus on Yui, who remained silent. Her mother ketpt bantering her with questions, but she remained silent as she looked down to the ground. I soon placed my hand on her shoulder, "Yui just tell us what happened-"

She slapped my hand away forcefully as she looked at me with an angry look in her eyes.

"How dare you say that and act liek you care what it was all because of you that this happened!"

"Yui, what are you talking about-" I honestly didn't expect for it to come, that Yui would almost practically said the exact same words that Naoto said to me right before he died.

"I know that you planned this! You planned all of this! Somehow you knew about my my biological did to me and you sent your little girlfriends to go out and lock me in the closet for who knows how long! Do you even know how terrified I was?! I'm practically traumatized! Do you really hate me that much that you're willing to take every chance at making me suffer?! I hate you!"

You planned all of this didn't you, Naoki! You planned all of this! You knew that I cared her and you took her away from me! Don't you even consider how I feel?! I'm practically your own twin brother! I don't care if you're older by ten freakin' minutes, heck why are you even my brother!? Do you really hate me that much that you're willing to ruin every chance of happiness for me!? I hate you, aniki!
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