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29 October 2012 @ 11:02 pm
(one-shot) Into the Night  
Title: Into the Night
Author: Me, of course.
Pairing: Sato Shori x Mitsuwa Kirami (OC)
Rating: G - PG
Genre: Romance
Summary: After inheriting an old abandoned villa that belonged to her late grandmother, Kirami decides to move into it despite various rumors of it being haunted and such. It couldn't be that bad, right? It was just a bit old and run down, after some renovation it'll be good as new, right? Wrong. Strange things occur during Kirami's stay there. And every night, without fail, a single rose would be found on her bed and the note beside it would say "I'm waiting for you, my dear princess."

"It can't be that bad," Kirami said to her father. The both of them were driving through the woods, driving towards a villa which lays deep within the forest. You see, recently Kirami's grandmother had passed away. Despite the fact that she barely meet with her grandmother -practically once every couple years- the both of them had a very close bond. In her grandmother's will, it stated that she, Kirami, would inherit her grandmother's large villa.

"I don't know Kirami, the place seems so run down and there have been rumors about it. I just want you to be safe," her father said to her.

"Don't worry, I'll be safe. Besides, I'm not living alone. Grandma's butlers and maids are living there too," Kirami said as they arrived in front of the old villa. The villa looked old and worn-down but it was still in pretty good condition. Outside at the fate waiting for them was her grandmother's most trusted butler. The man was old, probably in his late fifties or early sixties. He had a gentle expression on his face and was extremely loyal.

Kirami soon got out of the car, along with her father. The butler soon immediately bowed before them.

"Welcome to the villa, mistress. My name is Takahashi Hideo, I was your late grandmother's butler and now I am proud to be your butler during your stay here," he said.

"Ah, hai! My name is Mitsuwa Kirami, yoroshiku onegaishimasu," Kirami said stiffly with an awkward smile as she bowed as well.

"No need to be stiff, mistress. We are all friends," Hideo said with a smile. It wasn't long that Kirami's father unloaded all of his daughter's luggage and the two of them said their goodbyes. Hideo soon directed Kirami inside as he carried her luggage for her.

"Let us head inside now, mistress," he said as Kirami nodded in reply. As the both of them headed for the front door, Kirami couldn't help but look at stare at the large villa. She soon spotted a window which lays high up and recluse. An image of a boy was looking down at her. However, when she tried to focused to see who the person was, he disappeared. Kirami only shook her and thinking that her mind must be playing tricks with her.

As she came inside, she was greeted by the few maids and butlers who lived there as well. The interior seemed worn down and old as its exterior, it had that appearance to it that made the villa seem haunted but Kirami disregarded it. Overall, it didn't take her long to get used life here. She got along well with the maids and the butlers and had never caused trouble.

Little did she knew that strange things were beginning to happen.

It was Friday, and Kirami decided to spend the day walking around the villa. Of course, it was large so it was easy for her to get lost many, many times. It was before long that Kirami, somehow, founded herself at the top level of the villa. It gave off a mysterious aura, for there was only one room on the entire floor. Being curious, Kirami decided to walk into the room. The door was suppose to be locked by somehow the lock broke easily, making it easy for her to enter the room.

The room was dark and quite dusty; Kirami soon spotted a candle near the entrance and quickly lighted it. It wasn't enough, but it will do for now. She slowly looked around the dusty old room. It was filled with old furniture and objects related to it. All were covered in dust and cobwebs. As she was looking around, she spotted a pure white dress laid out. It was a wedding dress.

She then took a closer look at the dress. It was old, but it was well preserved and looked as if never worn. She soon looked over to the objects that were near the dress. Piano sheets were scattered over the nearby table and over the floor. Kirami soon picked up some of the pieces of the music sheets. The piano piece was incomplete.

"Memory ... " she said the title of the imcomplete piece quietly. She set down the music sheets on the table as she spotted a picture of a young boy, who vaguely seemed to be her age. As she picked up to get a better look of ths boy, the fire of candle went out - leaving Kirami in total darkness. She kept her disposition calm, she knew she had to leave the room now. As she tried to make her way back to the door, she somehow couldn't find it. She retraced her steps, but the door somehow disappeared, replacing it was nothing but the wall.

"Nani sore .. " she said to herself quietly. She continued to look around the room, trying to find an exit but no luck. She knew better than to not panic, she kept calm and reassured herself that she will get out of the room somehow. A small breeze of wind flow through the room as Kirami held her arms, slightly shivering. 

"Uwaa ... So cold .. " she said quietly to herself. Suddenly, a sudden warmth came over her body as the coldness ceased. To her, it felt as if someone was embracing her. She then looked down to see a red rose placed before her. She picked it up, looking at it. It was a pure red rose, fully bloomed. It was a beautiful, elegant. It stood out from all the other objects.

"Kirei na," she said softly and smiled to herself. Soon, she remembered that she was still stuck in the room and continued to find an exit. She soon decided to head for where the door used to be, it was dark in the room - maybe if she look again, she'll find the door. Luckily, she was able to find the door and immediately left the room - the rose still in hand. Back in the room, a shadow smirked within the darkness.

Later that night, Kirami decides to go to bed early. Today was pretty strange, her mind must be playing tricks with her again. The house did look haunted so that must be the reason why she's imagining crazy things. As Kirami came into her room, everything was the same - nothing was moved, everything was exactly the same when she last left her room .. Except for one thing. There on her bed laid a single red rose and an ivory-colored note.

She soon picked up the rose and the note to read it. There written in gold, the note said nothing but this ...

I'm waiting for you, my dear princess.

"Eh? P-Princess? .. " she stammered. Suddenly, she felt her heart racing and her face began to feel hot. She could admit that she was touched by something like this, but who did it? Who left her the rose and the note? She kept thinking to herself: this is all a joke, it's nothing more than a prank. She looked down at the rose. But it doesn't seem to be like a joke.

She soon sat down on her bed as she laid the rose and the note on the side table beside it.

"I need some sleep .. " she thought to herself as she drifted off into dreamland. But it wasn't all sweet dreams and such for Kirami. Over and over again, someone kept calling out to her in her dreams.

I'm waiting for for you, my dear princess ...

                         You are my everything, my dear princess ...

                                                  I've fallen madly in love with you, my dear princess ...

Kirami soon woke up to the morning light. But then she saw someone standing by her window, looking out and at the morning glow. When she sat up to see who it was, they disappeared and her vision finally cleared up. She didn't know what to say, something was going on. She looked over at the rose and ivory-colored paper that sat there on her side table. She picked the rose and delicately touched its petals.

"You were in my dreams last night ... I wonder who you are .. " she said to herself. She continued on with her day as if nothing happened. During the afternoon, she decided to take a walk around her late grandmother's garden which many flowers grew in peace. Not a single disturbance to be found in the garden. She continued walking around in the afternoon light until she spotted a rose bush.

The roses were fully blooomed and complimented the afternoon sun.

"Ah, good afternoon mistress," one of the maids said as she was watering the plants. Kirami nodded.

"Hai, good afternoon Tanabe-san," she replied.

"I see you're interested in the roses," the maid said smiling as she walked over to Kirami. Kirami nodded once more. Tanabe-san soon started to water the rose bush as she began to speak again.

"You know, there's a story connected to these roses," she said. Kirami looked at her, curious.

"Really? Please tell me."

"Of course, mistress. It was about a hundred years ago or so, around the time that the villa had been built. A wealthy family had been living here, they only had one son. The son had a kind heart and adored fine art; he played piano, painted, cared for literature, even gardened. These roses was his doing," Tanabe-san said. Kirami nodded, understanding. "The music sheets from before must of been his doing ... "

"Eventually, his parents set up an arranged marriage for him. He was an obedient child, he didn't make an objections. The girl he was betrothed to was said to be beautiful. He treated her with kindness and the respect she deserved. He even had a special wedding dress made for her. Unfortunately, the way that she treated him - in her eyes, he was nothing more than a lost puppy. She was in love with someone else and only loved the poor boy for his family's wealth." Tanabe-san continued.

"Heartbroken, the young boy poisoned himself on teh night of his sixteenth birthday. He died saying that he'll never find true love. It was tragic, that a boy who had nothing but a pure heart was taken advantage of. Some said that he died without even having his first kiss."

"What a sad story .. " Kirami said quietly.

"Yes, but every year, on his birthday - October 30th, that's when the roses are at the most beautiful appearance. His kindness can be still felt here at this old villa," Tanabe-san said. Kirami nodded as she thought to herself. Could the boy from the story be related to what's happening now? She shook her head, she couldn't believe she was thinking of stuff like this. That the house is haunted that the the spirit of the dead boy was haunting her. She denied it all, her mind were playing tricks with her that's all. 

But during the night, as Kirami was able to head to bed once more, another red rose and an ivory-colored note was found on her bed. It said the same thing as the night before:

I'm waiting for you, my dear princess.

The arrival of the ivory-colored notes and roses failed to cease, every night for the past two weeks - Kirami would find them on her bed. She didn't seemed to be bothered by this anymore, and had growned used to the arrival of the two. Practically eager to see them. Sometimes, she would find herself blushing or even her heart racing. She was practically falling in love with person who sent her the various roses and notes ..

She kept recalling the tale of the boy, it practically haunted her. She dreamt of it; sometimes, in her dreams, she would find herself in the story as well. She couldn't make out the boy's face but she knew his pain and wanted to comfort him, but she knew that she couldn't. It wasn't long enough that she started to believe that the boy's spirit still haunted the villa and was still there.

One night, she decided to help up to the room from that day, the day where all these strange things started happening. She lit a candle and slowly made her way up the top level of the large estate. She found herself in front of the room, hesitant to go in. She should just head back down to her room, get some sleep. She shook her head and went in anyways. The room was still dark and the glow of the evening moon flowed through the room.

The moment she walked inside, the doors behind her closed by themselves and were locked. She cautiously looked around the room and founded herself before the wedding dress. She had mixed feelings towards the dress. "How dare a cruel woman like her hurt him? He treated her with love and kindness and this is what she did to him .. " she thought to herself quietly. She soon hurt a soft exhale as the fire of her candle went out once more, almost exactly like that day.

She soon set down her candle, as she looked around her surroundings.

"Come out, whoever you are ... " she said quietly.

"You're the boy from the story, right? ... "

" ... You're the person who sent me the roses and notes as well, right?"

"I was touched when I received them. The notes were lovely and the roses were beautiful. I loved them," she added.

"I fell in love with you ... "

"You were waiting for me to come, right? I'm here now." She heard no response and was slightly disappointed. As she started to walk towards the door, she felt someone holding her back. She felt a pair of arms snake around her waist and the person rested their head on her shoulder. She felt her heart racing and knew that she, herself, was blushing.

"I've been waiting for you, my dear princess," a soft voice said to her.

"What is your name? .. my dear prince," she asked softly.

"Sato Shori."
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