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29 October 2012 @ 12:36 am
My Alright Sky - Chapter Six  
Title: My Alright Sky
Author: Me, of course.
Pairing: Ogawa Naoki (Sato Shori) x Matsuoka Yui (Mitsuwa Kirami)
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship, Slice of Life, Romance
Summary: -First Arc- It has been less than a year since the death of Naoki's mother and twin brother, yet his father soon remarried another woman who already has a daughter his age. On the other hand, Matsuoka Yui was finally happy that her mother finally found love and happiness after the cruel treatment of her very own biological father. Naoki, who is unable to accept his new mother and sister, soon becomes cold and harsh towards his family. Yet Yui, knowing that he is having a difficult time, still hopes for him to gradually accept his new family and to develop a close friendship with her new step-brother.

- M a t s u o k a Y u i.

I smiled faintly to myself as I began to help Naoki clean the empty classroom. I'm an idiot, I know that after this - Naoki will be himself again, cold and harsh. But since he's actually letting me help him with the cleaning, I guess I could call this a start in a way. The next remaining hour was spent in silence, only the sound of us cleaning remained. We didn't dare speak a word to each other. I tried to start up a conversation, but I knew better then to bother him.

Soon, the classroom was cleaned up and the both of us left. The walk home was spent in silence as well, but it was different in a way. Instead of going ahead, he would just stop and look back at me, signaling me to hurry up with his impatient disposition. The following weeks were quiet similar to this as well.

We would walk home from school together, not daring to say a single word to each other. He would wait up for me and would signal for me to hurry up. On days when he would be in trouble, I would stay behind school and wait for him, or help him clean the classroom if necessary. Nothing more than that ever happened. Everything else remained the same: he would avoid me in school, act cold and harsh at home, etc. Nowadays, I don't even bother to try to get along with my step-brother.

Today was a Tuesday, it was indifferent; the routine would be the same as always. Naoki had soccer practice today as well so I decided on my own to wait for him. Rin decided to stay behind as well and the both of us were having a nice conversation. That is, until we heard some loud commotion from outside.

"I wonder what's going on now," Rin said as the both of us stood up and walked over to the windows. A large group of people were crowding around someone or something. I assumed that it was just the girls trying to talk -or flirt- with one of the members of the soccer team. However, my conjecture was proven to be incorrect as I saw the school nurse come outside and rushed over to the crowd.

The crowd disbanded as the person in center revealed to be none other than my step-brother who was on the ground, clutching his ankle. The nurse soon walked over to him, and quickly inspected his ankle. Despite the fact that his back was to me, I could tell that he's in pain. He's trying his best to not show pain, trying to remain calm and cool in front his classmates and peers. But I had a feeling that if he was alone, he would cry out in pain - maybe shed a year or two. But that's just my guess, it can be either right or wrong.

I saw Ryota step forward and helped Naoki up. The coach soon start saying something to him; Naoki shook his head in reply. The two continued to talk but the coach soon walked away. Naoki soon shook his head once more as Ryota helped him back to the locker rooms. 

"Poor Ogawa-san. He must have broken his ankle," Rin said. I only nodded in reply. It wasn't long that one of the member of the soccer team came out and asked me to help Naoki get home. Of course, I went down to the locker room to see that only Naoki was there and was already changed into his regular school uniform. I slowly walked over to him and extend my hand out.

"Come on, lets get you home."

"I don't need help, so don't bother," he said to me as he tries to stand up on his own. The pain may have been excruciating for him since he practically fell to the floor. I sighed as I grabbed his arm and helped him up. An annoyed expression was written all over his face. What a stubborn guy ... Is it so bad to get help every once in awhile? 

- O g a w a N a o k i.

I swear, I have been cursed with bad luck. It was just a sprained ankle, it wasn't like I broke a leg or something. Yet coach had to go out of his way and tell me that I cannot participate in the next game, which was due in a week or two. I can play, my ankle will be healed in a day or so but no ... "Sit out the next game," he said. Then, Yui had to and help me get home. It was so demeaning ...

I tried to walk on my own but the pain was very excruciating and I ended up falling flat down on the ground. It was very irritating. Yet Yui -with her calm disposition- helped me up numerous times and helped me walked home. By the time we arrive home, her mother was in the kitchen cooking while my father was sitting in the living, reading a book.

"Okaerinasai," Yui said as the both of us headed towards the stairs.

"Tadaima," my father said.

"Tadaima- Naoki, what happened?" her mother said worriedly as she looked at us.

"Naoki broke his ankle-" I cut her off

"I sprained it," I said, "It's nothing."

The both of us started up the steps, that is after I gave a scornful look to my father who showed no concern for his biological son. The walk up the stairs was slow, I'm guessing fifteen minutes. The pain got more excruciating and I ended falling a couple times, sometimes bringing Yui down with me. I wanted to yell out in angry but I just swallowed my words-kept them to myself and continued on.

Yui didn't dare make one complaint either. Her expression remained indifferent, calm but her eyes showed concern. After a long while, we were finally at the tops of the stairs and in my room. She had me sit down on my bed and placed my bookbag on the sidetable next to it. She soon headed for the door.

"I'll bring up some medicine later to help you with that broken- .. sprained ankle of yours. I need to do homework now, call if you need anything."

I watched as she left the room and shut the door behind her. Then I realized it.

She was just like him.

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